Getting Married

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Lose the Head Table if You Have a Complex Family

When you are part of a modern day, complex and blended family then you … [Read More...]

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Essentials for Outdoor Weddings

The summer outdoor wedding season is officially in full swing and there’s … [Read More...]

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The Beauty of the Honeymoon Registry

More and more often these days couples are getting married after having … [Read More...]

Having Kids

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Baby Means the End of Work? Not Necessarily

When a couple finds out they’re going to have a baby, after the initial joy and excitement sink … [Read More...]

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When the Marriage Bed Becomes the Family Bed

It’s so lovely when you’re first married and your newlywed bedroom becomes a favorite room in … [Read More...]

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Sacrificing for the Summer Schedule

Summer is upon us and the kids are getting out of school to enjoy their break and the lovely … [Read More...]

Step by Step Saving

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Those Small Charges Add Up

When we take a look at our finances to see where all of our money is going and how we might be able to save more of it, we tend to look at the big picture. We add up our bills, starting with the biggest boys and working our way down to the smaller stuff. But beneath the smaller stuff are some more … [Read More...]

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A Plan to Save for That House Down Payment

Most couples have a list of those all-important things they want to accomplish when they are first married and purchasing a house is usually at the top of that list. Sure, owning a home is a big expense, the biggest in fact, but for many couples it isn’t the mortgage that is the problem, it’s … [Read More...]

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Look for Package Deals on Amusement Parks and Attractions

If your family is hitting the road this summer for a vacation you’re probably planning ahead for important expenses such as travel and hotel. That’s great, and while you’re scouring the Internet for the best deals on hotels at your vacation destination you should do some more poking around and … [Read More...]