Co-Ed Bachelor and Bachelorette Fun

images (3)More and more often these days couples are choosing to celebrate their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties together in one big co-ed shindig with all of their friends. This is an especially great idea if the couple getting married is part of a big group of friends and couples who all know each other and have some history. If the bridesmaids and groomsmen combine their financial resources and spend it on one party they can throw one amazing party and night to remember.


The key to a great co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party is to make sure it reflects the personalities of the bride and groom. Some couples might want a last single bash weekend in Vegas, others might want a quiet gathering at a friend’s house filled with food, games and good friends. Think about the couple and their interests. If the bride and groom are adventurous and athletic, the group can do something extreme like rock climbing or sky diving, or get more outrageous with a paintball war or a zombie apocalypse chase (yes, they really exist).  A game night party can include everything from poker to video games to a scavenger hunt around the city, with the bride and groom as the theme, of course. A destination weekend bachelor/bachelorette party in a fun city is a great idea for a wedding party that is spread across the country. Everyone can meet in Vegas, Miami or New Orleans and party together for a couple days.


  1. Hmmm this sounds dangerous my friends and my fiances friends are all nuts

  2. Zombie apocalypse chase?! Why have i never heard of this.

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