Helping Your Kids Adjust When You Move

Due to changes in the work force and in the economies of many states, more and more families are finding themselves needing to move when mom or dad gets a new job. And while this fresh start may be the very best thing for the family, the kids likely will not see it that way. Not at first, at least. So, even though you’re busy rearranging your entire lives and trying to move the whole family, be sure to take time to help your children through this transition as much as possible.

First, ask your children how they are feeling about the move. Don’t put thoughts of negativity into their heads if they aren’t there. Let them tell you what their concerns are. Each child is different and will react in a unique way. Next, sympathize with their worries and let them know that it will be an adjustment for you as well and that you’ll all go through it together. Also, focus on the positive aspects of the move. If you’re going to a city with cultural opportunities your child hasn’t experienced before. Focusing on the “new adventure” aspect will help your children get excited. Finally, don’t assume that your younger children will be more flexible and therefore less affected by the move than your older kids. Approach each child differently and respond to that child’s individual concerns about the move.


  1. When we moved, I helped my kids gather their friends’ addresses so they could write letters. It’s adorable, they draw each other pictures! We’re planning a visit soon – the parents miss their old friends too!

  2. My children are still upset about our move – and it happened almost a whole year ago now :(

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